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Executive Team
Shaun Martin
Founder and President
Shaun Martin

Mr Martin is Founder and President of Mass Cyber Corp.

Shadrack “Shad” Roberts
Vice President
Shaun Martin

Mr. Roberts is currently serving as Vice President of Mass Cyber Corp.

John Johnson
John Johnson

Dr. John D. Johnson is currently serving as Director of Mass Cyber Corp.

Shaun is a DevOps and Infrastructure manager and ZoomInfo.

Shaun is on the advsiory boards for CornCon, and MedBlox

Shad is the cybersecurity & privacy officer for Army Sustainment Command, Rock Island Arsenal.

Shad is Founder/President at ShadSec, a security consulting firm. He is Co-Founder of CornCon cybersecurity conference, co-founder of QC Cybersecurity Alliance, founder of the Quad Cities (ISC)2 chapter, serves on the board for IEEE IA IL Section and is Awards Chair for IEEE Region 4. Shad is on the advsiory boards for MedBlox, Cyber Education Foundation, Mass Cyber Corp and Ohio Cyber Women. President & Executive Director for Docent Institute. [MORE]

He is a Founding Member of Security Advisor Alliance, a member of SC Media Editorial Board, advisory board member for Cyber Education Foundation, board director at Docent Institute, advisory board member for Ohio Cyber Women, and advisory board member for health-blockchain startup, MedBlox.

John is a Cyber Risk Advisory Senior Manager at Deloitte. His current focus area is IoT and Industrial IoT/ICS security.

John has taught and developed numerous cybersecurity graduate courses for Excelsior College, St. Ambrose University and Eastern Iowa Community Colleges from 2003-2019.

John was previously CTO of Revolutionary Integration Group (RIG), a startup focused on integrating disparate AI systems, leveraging blockchain and advanced analytics. Prior to that, John was Founder/CEO/CISO of Aligned Security, a cybersecurity consulting firm. John worked at John Deere for 18 years, serving as security architect where he managed security infrastructure and developed strategy and secure architecture solutions for protecting a global corporate network, endpoints, industrial systems and the supply chain. [MORE]

Board Members
DR. Somchai Rice
Somchai Rice

Co-Founder & CSO, MedBlox Research Scientist, Iowa State University

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